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Royal Silhouette Brightening Serum

Royal Silhouette Brightening Serum

Royal Silhouette Brightening Serum helps to exfoliate, brighten, and even skin tone via gentle exfoliators Roe Enzyme and Polyhydroxy acids (PHA). Intended for the delicate skin around the eyes and face, Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan. and L-Carnitine helps with inflammation, hydration, toning, and minimizing pores.



Our Royal Silhouette Serum is designed as a gentle brightening and exfoliating serum, effective for the sensitive and delicate skin around our eyes and face. Our face is exposed to a large number of stressors every day. UV rays, poor air quality, and even weather conditions can aggravate skin, causing it to dry and dull. With gentle exfoliators such as Roe Enzymes and PolyHydroxy Acids (PHA), this serum will help accelerate cell turnover and promote new, healthy skin cells.  Hyaluronic (HA) and L-carnitine also serve to hydrate and improve the firmness of the skin. 

What It Does:

Roe Enzyme Extract: Stimulates Cell Regeneration, has brightening properties

Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) : Helps with exfoliation and skin cell turnover, also serving to brighten and even skin tone

L-Carnitine: Tightens Fibroblastins & Shrinks Pores

Beta Glucan & Copper: Reduces Inflammation


Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the dermis, the layer of skin immediately under the surface. In newborns, it’s quite plentiful, but gradually diminishes as we age. Returning hyaluronic acid to the skin improves elasticity and tone, alleviates dry skin, and speeds up wound healin. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in water, and helps to replenish and retain moisture.
The Roe enzyme is a natural enzyme derived from fish eggs that brightens and tightens the skin while softening dead skin cells. The enzyme can provide gentle exfoliation of the skin without causing thinning or inflammation. It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple
Assists in making skin supple and plump, it also reduces irritants on the skin by producing new cells that is evenly distributed to the areas that need it.
Poly-hydroxy Acids (PHA) are a gentle acid exfoliants which are similar to AHAs. Their larger molecule size means that they absorb more slowly and don't penetrate as deep, which means a more gentle exfoliant with less irritation. PHAs are also unique because they also serve as incredible humectants, to draw moisture back to the skin.


Can be used daily to the face and neck. Apply a small amount and spread evenly into the skin
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